About Pure&Clean

Pure & Clean, LLC is a health and wellness care company with a vision to change the health of the world. Based out of Nixa, Missouri, Pure&Clean offers a number of health, personal care, and infection control products that do not jeopardize human or environmental safety for effectiveness.

The foundation of Pure & Clean solutions is a naturally occurring compound internally produced by humans and mammals. White blood cells use this compound (HOCl) to fight bacteria and inflammation after infection or trauma. The unmatched quality of Pure&Clean products is recognized by our HOCl industry-best 18-month shelf life on all of our FDA cleared products. These products are non-cytoxic and safe for use around the eyes, mucous membranes and sensitive areas.

Pure&Clean disinfectant/sanitizer products are hospital grade and EPA approved to kill all labeled pathogens including C. Diff, MRSA, Noro and Rhino virus as viricide, germicide, tuberculocide, bactericide, and anti-microbial. Although the effectiveness of Pure & Clean disinfectant/sanitizer products are impressive, the most important value to the health of our consumers is the move away from highly toxic and dangerous chemicals that are so prevalent today. Pure&Clean products are the next generation of healthcare solutions.

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