Movers and Shakers


In the Movers and Shakers bundle you get four (4) 8 ounce bottles and four (4) 2 ounce bottles of Pure&Clean First Aid for a fantastic price! Our First Aid formula is a must for a family who is always on the move! A wonderful, non-cytotoxic product that is doctor and pharmacist recommended for cuts, blisters, sunburns, rashes, insect bites and more! Don’t leave home without it! Includes:

  • Four (4) 8 ounce bottles
  • Four (4) 2 ounce bottles


Pure&Clean First Aid Statements
•DIY Skin Protection
•An environmentally friendly product
•Doctor and Pharmacist Recommended
•Works to manage the wound and skin, frequent and regular applications will help accelerate the process and return your skin back to its normal healthy state.
•Simple to use: Just spray it on!
•Contains not antibiotics, no steroids and no alcohol for a sting free first aid product!
•All natural
•Promotes health and wellness
•Manages wounds and skin with positive results
•Spray all intact skin including hands

Safe for the management of:
•Minor wounds
•Poisoned plant sap irritations
•Insect bites and stings